After mashing our grain, and extracting all that we need for making whiskey it is called "spent grain."  We have a great way of re-purposing that grain, by giving it to a local hog farm to use as feed.  It's a great way to reduce waste and grow delicious pork!

Our Jimmy Red Corn Whiskey is distilled from an heirloom variety of corn grown on Edisto Island, SC by Greg Johnsman of Geechie Boy Mill.  Greg and his family grow incredible produce and grains, and mill delicious grits and cornmeal using historic mills.

Greg introduced us to Manning Bair of St. George, SC who grows sugar cane.  We've used the fresh pressed cane juice and some of his cane syrup for our recent rum releases.  Our 2nd annual rum is available now in the tasting room.

Aging whiskey in oak barrels is what we do, and it's awesome.  But whiskey is not the only thing that benefits from time aging in barrels.  We've partnered with Turtle Creek Coffee here in Columbia, SC for BARREL AGED COFFEES!  We've got both Bourbon Barrel and Rye Barrel whole bean coffees for sale in the tasting room.

While you can get the whole beans in our custom packaging at the tasting room, you should head down to Sweet Cream Co. for a cup.  Sweet Cream Co. is on Main Street here in Columbia, SC and their house blend is Crouch Distilling Barrel Aged Coffee.

Coffee's great, but what Sweet Cream Co. really does well is, you guessed it, ice cream!  Check them out for sure, and ask for the #secrethandshakeflavor.....they've been known to use our bourbon in their delicious ice cream.